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What is a FREE Individual Medicare Report? 
Individual Medicare Report
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It is an individualized report that focuses on your coverage benefits.  Each person's needs are different, so your report is based your unique individual needs. 
This report includes your medical expenses as well as your prescription expenses.  We cover all bases, so that you have a clear picture of what you can expect with your coverage and costs associates with that.  
Once your report is complete, you will hear from our agency.  We don't outsource our service team. We believe in service and you will speak directly with our staff.  
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The "Typical" Medicare Experience...
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Most people sign-up for Medicare when they turn 65 or when they retire.  They usually have an "idea" of what they want based on what they heard from friends and families. They meet with an insurance agent or call a toll-free number and get their supplemental coverage.  Hoping they made the right decision.  
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The Story Continues...
Medicare Coverage "CHANGES" and "INCREASES"
A year after their initial enrollment they get a letter stating their premium is going up and their NEW INCREASED PREMIUM will begin the following month.  They just accept that "increase" and hope it doesn't go up too much so they can continue to afford it.   


They get a notice that their plan is "changing" - recognizing certain co pays they had for their prescriptions will be at a new cost, either LESS COSTLY (if you're lucky) or MORE COSTLY (which is most likely).   They don't understand why things are different and begin to feel frustrated. 
Experience a LACK of Service
They rarely hear from their Insurance Agent. They "might" be able to find the card of the agent who enrolled them into their plan. They don't remember the name of the their agent and they haven't heard from him/her in a long time.

Most people haven't had their coverage reviewed or looked at since they first enrolled .... until years later.   
(This is truly the biggest disservice!)
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Plans need to be reviewed yearly.  If you haven't had your plan reviewed each year, then you need a Individual Medicare Report!! 

This is a FREE transparent report that allows you to know if you have the most cost-effective coverage that meet your personal needs.  There is no obligation to make any changes to your current coverage and there is no charge for your report. 

People are saving money with their
Individual Medicare Report! 

   Average savings is over $600/year!    
I want my FREE Individual Medicare Report
​​​​​​We have developed a system that is client-focused.  We maintain a relationship with our clients and take the time to educate about their options and cost-saving solutions.  
"Our goal is to establish life-long relationships with our clients.  That will only happen if we provide service and savings!" 
What you can Expect with Tonya LeGrande & Associates, LLC
There are 3 key areas that set us apart from other agencies...
We​​​​​ belie​​​​​​ve in doing yearly reviews, as we know most plans change annually.  Our clients stay informed and have peace of mind with their coverage
We are Insurance Brokers and represent a carefully selected group of reputable Insurance companies.
Maintaining the highest ethical standards and credibility with our clients, carriers, and the public is extremely important to us.  Our clients can be rest assured that we are looking out for their best interests.  

This is the foundation of how we operate our business.  We are relational and believe in taking the steps needed so our clients can be rest-assured we are taking care of them.​​​​​​​

Tonya LeGrande & Associates, LLC

We are Tonya LeGrande & Associates, LLC.  We are a licensed insurance agency who represent the major Medicare Supplemental Carriers.  We have over 10 years’ experience working with Medicare clients.  We are Independent Insurance Agents who are looking out for your best interest.  Our agency has a large portfolio of Medicare plans which allows us to fit your plan to your unique needs. 

We operate our agency with this in mind, “Our goal is to establish life-long relationships with our clients.  That will only happen if we provide service and savings!”  This tone has been set by our owner, Tonya LeGrande-Labenz.  Our staff’s focus is providing our clients with the one-on-one service that they need. 

Our promise is to take the time to educate you about your options, as we are convinced that knowledge is key to making decisions that bring you peace of mind.  We provide annual reviews and educational webinars.  We look forward to assisting you with your Medicare coverage needs. 

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We gather your specific information that affects your Medicare costs.

We research what plan options will best meet your individual needs.  
We stay in contact with you and keep you informed. We believe in providing service.
Tonya LeGrande & Associates, LLC
"Who We Are"
Medicare Insurance Agent
Tonya LeGrande-Labenz:   
It's about having the right team who understands Medicare and provides service to their clients. Tonya LeGrande-Labenz has over 12 years experience in working with Medicare clients and has developed a client-focused system.
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